Hide God’s Word in Your Heart

In this month’s Rutara language group update, we are reminded to pray for the people’s ability to see God’s Word impact lives by memorization. I’ve been trying (somewhat successfully) to memorize more this year. I bought a 3×5 spiral notebook and have written a verse on the front with the reference on the back. It’s easy to put in my purse and access when I have time to spare.  This update was a good reminder for myself to keep memorizing and to pray for other believers who are also committing to writing God’s Word on their hearts.

“At the dedication of [1 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus] last summer, the team took to heart a challenge issued by the special speakers. They particularly remembered the encouragement to memorize Scripture. So they pulled together 16 verses from the Gospel of Mark and laminated them onto cards to give away. Pastors and boys’ hostels received the gifts, which allow them an easy way to recall and commit God’s Word to memory.

“The dedication ceremony had ripple effects in a neighboring country where Rutara is also spoken. A pastor from that area invited the team to visit his church. So they came and encouraged the congregation to use the translated Word of God.

“Praise God for the innovative approach of Bible memory in getting the Scriptures used… Pray for the people in the neighboring country. Ask God to bring revival and growth to the believers there as they use the newly published epistles… Please pray for the churches and institutions that received the memory verse cards…”

Up next? The book of Hebrews!


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