Hey! That’s Austin!

Oh yeah! Team OneVerse runner Austin was featured this week on The Seed Company blog for his efforts at the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon. Go Austin!

An Amazing Race
“I realized this was going to be the hardest 26.2 miles of my life,” wrote Austin Groff just days before the Philadelphia Marathon of November 21, 2010. Three months before, he had injured himself while training and was forced to stop. With justifiable doubts about entering the race, he begged the Lord for guidance. Fourteen days before the race, he took his first practice run and felt the strain of tight muscles. Again, he questioned the Lord.

The next morning Austin opened his Bible to prepare for Sunday’s lesson on 1 Kings 18. There he came across verse 45 which reads, “Then the LORD gave special strength to Elijah. He tucked his cloak in his belt and ran ahead of Ahab’s chariot all the way to the entrance of Jezreel.”

That’s it! he thought. I’m gonna run this race.

Austin remarkably finished at the halfway mark – to the glory of God. And if competing with an injury weren’t enough, he also ran holding a “Blank Bible.” Wanting to raise awareness of the great need for Bible translation, he remarked: “I am running a marathon for the glory of God and for someone without a Bible. Why wouldn’t I run the marathon with a Bible in my hand? It won’t be convenient, but often the Christian life isn’t convenient.”

As part of Team OneVerse, Austin’s amazing feat inspired a team of supporters who pledged to give $1500 toward Scripture translation in the Rutara language of South Asia. At just $26 a verse, together they funded 55 verses in all!

Johanna Fenton is a writer for The Seed Company. Read more blogs from The Seed Company at http://blog.theseedcompany.org.


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