Etsy + Race Bib = Heaven!

Aside from running, one of my big interests, one probably not many people know about, is my appreciation for interior design. I love having a homemade, well-designed space around me. I’ve been an avid reader of decor8blog for a long time. If I ever need to waste oh, 2 hours, I head straight there! Another favorite website, especially at Christmas, is where you can buy handmade and vintage items. (My etsy store is called ThreadsofHopeQuilts.)

So I’m sure you can imagine my delight when I discovered this amazing shop on etsy that takes your race bibs and turns them into COASTERS! Amazing! I love it! A wonderful use for a memorable race bib in a unique, handmade fashion!

Check it out! I can’t wait to buy one! I just have to decide what race bib to use…..



2 responses to “Etsy + Race Bib = Heaven!

  1. I just saw this blog and thought of you. It looks like fun for quilters 🙂

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