Hot Yoga

One of my running store co-workers has been raving about hot yoga recently. She loves the sweating and the stretching that happens and feels like it’s really been helping her running too by keeping her so flexible.

I’ve done one yoga class and I really felt much better while running, especially through the hips. I felt like I was really powering, like wheels on a bike that had just been oiled. So while it hasn’t become something I make a daily (ok, even weekly or monthly!) habit, I know I need to incorporate it more.

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“There are two things you must do every day in order to live a happy life: sweat and laugh,” offers Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, founder and owner of Golden Gate Yoga in Los Angeles.

If you practice hot yoga, you’re guaranteed to check at least one of these off your list just by walking in the door.

Running and yoga have become fast friends. Of the 7,255,000 runners in the United Sates, 36 percent also practice yoga—one of the highest rates of crossover activity, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers’ Association’s most recent participation study.

The same study shows that from 2008 to 2009, yoga grew 13.2 percent, and currently boasts 20 million participants, 76 percent of them women. In particular, hot yoga is hot. Try turning up the temp on your yoga practice to boost self-confidence, increase flexibility and prepare your body to run in mid-summer heat.

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