Do You Know Where the Weight Room Is?

Chris Farley in Tommy Boy

Chris Farley isn’t the only one who asks this question! Most runners skimp on the lifting. I know I often have. My rationalization was that I was running 4 days a week, I didn’t need to work out any more. But now that I’ve started working with a trainer once a week and try to get into at least one spin class a week, I’ve seen my aerobic ability improve and overall my body feels more toned. Plus, a strong core leads to better form and better running. So what are you waiting for? Get to the gym?

Okay, need more convincing? How about these 12 reasons!

  1. You’ll lose 40% more fat.
  2. Your clothes will fit better.
  3. You’ll burn more calories.
  4. Your diet will improve. (Probably!)
  5. You’ll handle stress better.
  6. You’ll be happier.
  7. You’ll build stronger bones.
  8. You’ll get into shape faster.
  9. Your heart will be healthier.
  10. You’ll be more productive.
  11. You’ll live longer.
  12. You’ll be smarter.

Convinced? I hope so!




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