Black Hills in Mexico Want to Hear More!

While Team OneVerse runners raise support specifically for the Rutara people, there are many other language groups who have translations in progress. One group is located in the Black Hills area of Mexico. If you have a special interest in Mexico, consider contributing to their Bible project. Here is a recent update from the translation team.

In the Black Hills area of Mexico, project coordinator Novo* and his team are finding eager listeners for the local language recording of some Old and New Testament stories and Christian songs.

The team takes the digital mega-voice player with them as they go to villages to visit local Black Hills speakers and test newly drafted passages. The recordings are stirring interest among nearby residents.

Delores came to Christ last year after listening to the recordings. She recently offered to host a Bible study in her home and invited Novo to teach others who have accepted Jesus as a result of her testimony.

And Delores’ friends are not the only ones who are interested.

When Novo discusses Scripture with mother-tongue translator Beto, curious passersby often overhear them talking about spiritual matters through the open windows. Several men stopped on their way to a jobsite recently and listened intently. Some of the men have now come back to hear more.

Learn more about the Black Hills project!


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