Training for Your First Half Marathon

Spring is the hot season for half marathons. Maybe it’s because everyone is so sick of winter, all we want to do is RUN! I’m about 7 weeks out from my next half. It may be a little late to find one to do this spring if it’s your first, but if you’ve been entertaining thoughts about doing on this fall and want to know if you’re ready, here are some tips. Or maybe you live in a more temperate climate where a race mid-summer doesn’t carry with it the fears of heat and humidity that it does here in the Midwest! Either way, here are your quick tips! For the full article, check out

  • Know your benchmark — If you can run 3-4 miles several times a week, give yourself about 12 weeks to train. If you aren’t up to that mileage, you may need more like 6 months to prep.
  • Register for a race — Give yourself some accountability by spending some money! This will help motivate you. I recommend either picking one close by or in a location that appeals to you.
  • Pick your plan — Find a training program that fits your schedule. There are so many available! And if you run with Team OneVerse, I have many that I can send your way. Just be sure that it doesn’t start you out with higher mileage than you’re ready for.
  • Make it social — I do run more consistently and more happily when I run with someone. Use it to bond, get to know someone, or with a big group (even less likely to cancel!).
  • Don’t get discouraged — Take time, listen to your body (running through the pain isn’t really the answer), and know that training for a distance event should, and does, take time over the long haul.
  • Cross train — Find something else to do at least once a week: swim, lift, bike, yoga, whatever. It helps break up the routine and is much better for recovery and strengthening.
  • Taper! — When it’s time to cut miles, don’t ignore the schedule. Tapering makes you feel lazy, but it’s necessary for rest before race day.
  • Don’t try anything new on race day — Seriously, if you haven’t eaten Gu while training, don’t do it on race day. If you always have coffee, do it on race day. DO NOT wear the new shirt/shoes/shorts/socks you bought at the expo. You will blister and chaffe and hate yourself!
  • Pace yourself — Don’t let the excitement of the race alter your plan. Keep to your pace and don’t go out too fast. Finish strong and with a smile on your face!

I hope you’re ready now! Join Team OneVerse and get running!


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