Singer Aaron Shust Partners with OneVerse

Aaron Shust is a Christian artist, best known for his hit song “My Savior My God.” I was really excited to read that he is the latest musician to join the artist program with OneVerse. Read on to learn why Aaron felt compelled to join, as reported on

Aaron Shust Partners with

Aaron Shust is pleased to partner with OneVerse so that the 96,000 Ndamba people of South Africa will receive God’s Word in their own language for the very first time!

Aaron Shust’s statement: “I am truly excited about being able to represent OneVerse, partner with the ministry and help provide the Word of God to those who have never before heard it in a language they can understand. There is nothing more precious and eternally life changing than the words that come from the mouth of God — so I can’t imagine a more precious gift to give.” – Aaron Shust

Visit the artist’s website:

About the Ndamba people: The Ndamba people live on ancestral land on the plains of a large river in South Africa. Though approximately 70 percent of Ndamba speakers are Christians, most still practice many kinds of traditional rituals and fear curses. It’s only natural in a region where your faith is dictated by ancestry. Even professing Christians struggle to understand what their faith teaches without the Bible in their language. They need to understand the power of God, the authority of Christ and the personal availability of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.


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