Top 10 Must “Gets” for Starting Running

Running is an easy sport to start. You just put on shoes and go! Right? Yes.

But, no.

I think there are a few “must gets” for new runners that will keep you motivated, enjoying your new-found activity, and comfortable as you go. Here are the top 10 and thankfully they don’t all have a price tag attached to them!

  1. Get Fitted — You need the right shoes and you need the right people to get you the right shoes. Yes, the $35 Sauconys are Kohls look right. Your neighbor swears by the Brooks Beast. But I promise, the majority of people need fitted or they get hurt. It’s worth it, is free to get fitted, and shoes don’t have to cost more than $100.
  2. Get Technical — Buy the $10 technical, dry-fit socks. They are so worth it!
  3. Get a Group — Running with people helps keep you accountable and excited about running.
  4. Get a Plan — No matter what, have some sort of plan. Even if it’s just getting to the end of the street.
  5. Get Acclimated — It takes a while to get adjusted to weather, being tired, etc. Be patient.
  6. Get Fuel — Eat right and if you’re running for over 2 hours, get some sort of supplement that will keep you going without crashing.
  7. Get Hydrated
  8. Get Warmed Up — Be careful not to go out too fast and keep your breathing even so you don’t cramp up.
  9. Get In Tune — Listen to pain. If it gets worse while you run, stop. If it loosens up, keep going.
  10. Get Rest — Give yourself a break when you need it. Rest helps with recovery and that improves your running.

See? Not too expensive after all! Now get going!

Yes, I did grab these ideas from, but my experience tells me they are spot on! So for the details and reasons behind why, visit


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