Updates on the Rutara

From The Seed Company’s update on the Rutara:

In the summer of last year when the four “T books” (1 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus) were dedicated, the team went out on a limb and laminated 16 verses from the published Gospel of Mark, which they then distributed to local churches for the purpose of memorization. The Rutara people are largely non-literate or poorly literate, so the challenge to memorize Scripture was a big request and a step of faith on the team’s part.

The memorization venture culminated in a competition earlier this year, and the team was astonished at the results. Translator George Nashar says: “To our joy and surprise, the people’s response was quite positive, and even the non-literate could easily recite most of the verses. This was personally very encouraging to us [the team], as our greatest desire is for God’s Word to take its rightful place in each Rutara believer’s heart. Our God who called us into His holy work is so faithful in guiding us in our endeavors!”

Praise the Lord that His Word is becoming available to all the Rutara, even those who can’t read.


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