Congrats, Alice!

Team OneVerse runner Alice just rocked it at the 2011 Casey’s Cause Run 10K! She not only set a PR with a time of 44 minutes, 21 seconds (or 44:45, she thought there might be trouble with the timer), but she WON for Overall Female Open runners! That’s truly amazing! Her time was at least a 7:11 average mile which is truly incredible.

Alice shared, “I have to say that running with Bible translation on my mind kept me more motivated and more positive than I usually am during a race. It’s nice to run for a higher calling than myself. Thank you for the opportunity to run with Team OneVerse.” Alice was also able to be a channel for Bible translation, raising money to translate over 20 verses for the Rutara people in south Asia. Praise the Lord!

Below is a picture of Alice’s beautiful daughters as they cheered their mom to the finish line. Such a great weekend for Alice!


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