Prayer for the Rutara Translation Team

Two prayer requests stood out to me in The Seed Company’s latest OneVerse Project Update on the Rutara. They popped not only because they are prayer needs, but because they helped me understand a little better the daily life of those translating God’s Word around the world. Read on to see how to pray!

Far From Home
Hannah Nashar, the daughter of translators George and Beera, has been away at boarding school for about two years now. Though their daughter’s absence frees up the Nashars’ time and allows them to dedicate themselves wholly to Bible translation, naturally it’s difficult for the family to be separated.

Boarding school often provides its students with skills and experiences unavailable to those who attend regular school; independence and self-sufficiency are at the top of that list. Students also tend to develop deep relationships with classmates and superiors, turning school into a somewhat familial environment. But, of course, this home-away-from-home can never replace the family that Hannah is far away from.

  • Pray for Hannah as she lives at a distance from her parents and experiences a life that will help prepare her early on for some of the challenges of adulthood.

The Search Continues
The team has been looking for a talented and experienced individual to join the group of Rutara mother-tongue translators. Right now the team consists of George and Beera, who hail from another language group in a separate part of the country, plus two other language helpers, Tabat and Karn Selki, whose mother tongue is Rutara. But a fifth person would ideally round out the small assembly. Bible translation is a difficult and time intensive process and a big job for just four people.

  • Pray that the right person will step forward for the job and be willing to dedicate the next few years or his or her life to the challenging and fulfilling task of translating God’s Word for the Rutara people.

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