Small Can Equal Big in God’s Economy

The following stories come from Seedlinks, The Seed Company’s monthly magazine.

The Blank Bible Challenge, a OneVerse program, gives everyone an opportunity to help accomplish the Great Commission. Individuals or groups can sponsor Bible verses for $26 per verse for people groups still waiting for God’s Word. Start the 28-day interactive devotional challenge anytime! These 15-minute daily adventures are perfect for church Bible study, young adult groups and many others. Help end Bible poverty!

Two small-town American churches, one on the East Coast and one on the West, have met OneVerse’s Blank Bible Challenge in recent weeks.

Wallingford, PA. About 40 young adults gather on Sunday evenings in the aptly-named “Crossroads” group at Grace Bible Fellowship Church. Their pastor, Mark Bickel, is very focused on the needs of these young participants. “This is a unique time in their lives,” Bickel said. “The Bible is of utmost importance in helping them choose God’s path.” When Bickel saw the Blank Bible Challenge on OneVerse’s website, he became enthused. “This is what will get my student’s excited!” he said.

As Crossroads members were drawn into Scripture, they wanted others who have never known God’s Word to receive it as well. The students chose to sponsor verses for the half-million Arew people in Tanzania. “The group raised a generous $2,750 toward sponsoring 99 verses,” Bickel said.

Hermiston, OR. The 70-member congregation at Victory Baptist Church has sponsored 10 verses a month for the Boma people in Southeast Asia since 2008. During the Blank Bible Challenge, Pastor Trevor Waybright inspired his flock when he said, “Just think: Our little church in Oregon will contribute 10 percent of the financial support for the Boma translation project, impacting hundreds of thousands of people!”

The Blank Bible Challenge is igniting a passion for God’s Word in the lives of individuals and church congregations. They in turn are sharing that passion with the world!

Learn more at Be inspired! Read how church youth groups in Knoxville joined together and raised $4,556 to sponsor 175 verses for the Rewe translation project at


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