Translation Step 3: Community Testing

From OneVerse Project Update: The Rutara People

The book of Hebrews is still at the community testing stage, and Luke’s Gospel will soon be ready for that step as well. Testing is a vital stage of the translation process, as the team reads the entire book to many people and then asks carefully phrased questions to gauge each hearer’s comprehension.

Depending on the answers given, the team then knows if the message of the book is being understood correctly. However, the answers naturally depend on the questions asked, so the team is working hard to compile a list of well-phrased questions for each Bible book.

Translation Step 3: The team reads their drafts with speakers of the language to be sure the meaning is clear and the flow sounds natural to them.

Pray for the team as they labor to craft each comprehension question in such a way that it will accurately reflect what the hearers have understood.


One response to “Translation Step 3: Community Testing

  1. Johanna Fenton

    Thanks, Allison, for all you do with Team OneVerse and keeping up this blog. It’s super. (I help Paul with The Seed Company blog.)

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