The System is Down

I’ve been trying to understand further what life is like for Bible translators — the daily frustrations, the housing and work load, etc. In this month’s OneVerse Project Update on the Rutara, there was a great blurb that shared some of the practical struggles translators George and Beera Nashar face while living in south Asia. Here is their story:

“We all know the feelings of anger and frustration that start bubbling over when a computer problem suddenly rears its ugly head. Perhaps your computer is painfully slow, or a certain program has a tendency to quit unexpectedly, leaving you with lost work and wasted time.

Translators George and Beera Nashar are no strangers to these frustrations. With their daughter Hannah in boarding school, they have plenty of time as a couple to work on translation. Their technical squad isn’t quite up to the job, though. Their one desktop computer is impractical when working with limited hours of electricity, and both George and Beera can’t use their single laptop simultaneously. Thankfully they obtained an additional laptop, but as soon as it came the original one crashed for the last time. The laptop is irreparable, leaving the Nashars back at square one.

As if that weren’t enough, the Nashars have to cope with only seven or eight hours of electricity per day in a schedule that alternates weekly. One week there’s power from 6 am to 1 pm, and the next week it rotates to 10pm through 6 am, leaving George and Beera in an impossible situation. Essentially, they’re only able to work 2 weeks out of each month. But the Nashars have sacrificed their comfort and sleep to overcome this problem, and are now working through the night on the 0ff-weeks.

Pray that the Lord will provide another laptop for the Nashars, enabling them to work at their full capacity.

Pray that God will grant strength and endurance to George and Beera as they struggle with frustrating work conditions brought on by lack of electricity.”

It’s hard for me to imagine that kind of patience and humility as the Nashars are constantly reminded that this translation work is God’s work! But knowing more about their life also helps me pray better for them and appreciate even more the mission they’ve chosen.



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