This Could Be A Good Book!

From The Seed Company’s monthly e-newsletter comes this great story!

As her older sister and other Ayta Abellen translators read aloud their draft of Luke 23, Nening leaned forward, eyes wide.* They read about Jesus standing silently before Pilate as He faced the accusations of the high council. Nening imagined herself in the crowd, following Jesus on the long walk to Calvary. The Abellen language painted the scene vividly.

Nening sat still as long as she could, but suddenly she could no longer restrain herself. “This is really good!” Nening said, surprising the translators. “Are you going to make it into a book?”

For the Abellen people, church is part of life. But until now, church participation required Tagalog or English — languages they don’t speak naturally or understand well. Many Abellen believers have had only a ritual relationship with God.

Now, because Scripture is becoming available in their own language, the Abellen people are connecting personally with Jesus.

And yes, Nening … they are making it into a Book. And soon you can have your very own!

Learn more about the Ayta Abellen project at

* Because of the sensitivity of this area, the name is a pseudonym.


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