6 Reasons Why You Should Run

As if we needed more reasons to run, right? But here are 6 great reasons from active.com. Click the link to read the full article!

Here are the perks:

1. Improve Your Health
2. Prevent Disease (lowers risk of breast cancer, stroke, and helps with diabetes)
3. Lose Weight
4. Boost Your Confidence (there’s nothing like running your first race, even a 5k!)
5. Relieve Stress (don’t know how many times a run has helped put things in perspective, even helped me prioritize my to do list)
6. Eliminate Depression (maybe it’s also the practice of getting outside and letting endorphins loose, but it really does help)

And for a freebie, the #7 Reason Why You Should Run: You can help spread the Gospel by joining Team OneVerse and raising funds and awareness for the need for Bible translation!

So what are you waiting for? Start running! It’s beautiful outside!


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