Welcome New T1V Runner Melissa!

Me and Melissa!

I am VERY excited to welcome the latest Team OneVerse runner Melissa Rau! Why am I VERY excited? Melissa was one of my roommates for almost a year when we lived in Nashville, TN. We met while both working at a record label. I once bought two armchairs from her! The, later when I needed a roommate, she moved in and in a sense, got her chairs back. 🙂

Melissa watched me train for my first marathon and has always been someone ready to try a new adventure: a new job, a new state, raising money to build a well in Africa through garage and bake sales, and traveling to Uganda to help provide beds for orphanages. She’s a great friend and I’m thrilled that she is joining Team OneVerse for her latest adventure!

Melissa will be running a half marathon through Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival in Columbia, MO, on September 10th. This is her first half marathon! Why Team OneVerse? Melissa shares, “I was first exposed to OneVerse at a Passion event in 2007. Since then, I continue hearing about it. My church is currently partnered with the organization also. Personally, after visiting Uganda & experiencing the joy of the children when they received their Bibles, my heart is a little more tied to the need for Bible translations.”

To donate to Melissa’s fundraising goal, please click here and be part of her team!


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