Understanding IT Band Syndrome

Oh, IT Band! The bane of the runner’s existence! What is it? Why does it happen? This handy video below (click the pic) explains more. I think the guy recommends a PT a little too soon though because there are plenty of things you can do on your own first to ease the pain. (Believe me, I know!)

My “Solutions”
IT band syndrome has really plagued me, but I’ve done a few things to help:
1. Foam roller — Yes it hurts, but rolling the IT band really helps break down that non-compliant tissue

2. The IT band stretch — Okay so this is a very hard stretch to describe, so check out the picture! I love this stretch and will actually lean forward onto my elbows and even my forehead for a great, deep stretch. It has helped a lot to keep my hips loose and my IT band happy. However, be careful when doing this in public because I once had someone pull their car onto the SIDEWALK while I was doing this stretch to make sure I wasn’t hurt. Another time, I cop called out his window to check on me.

3. Squats — Doing regular old squats the right way has helped strengthen my glutes which in turn has helped strengthen my quads and hamstrings. The right muscle balance goes a long way to making sure everything is firing evenly and smoothly while running. That has helped my IT band problems a LOT!

4. Shoes — I should have said this first, but trouble-shooting the amount of stability I had in my shoes really helped make sure I wasn’t getting too much or too little support. You’ll need the guidance of a specialty running store for this one though.

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