A Leap of Faith for the Rutara

From OneVerse’s monthly e-newsletter. The Rutara is the people group that Team OneVerse supports!

Translators George and Beera knew their request might backfire. Because many Rutara believers cannot read, the team wasn’t sure how many would participate in a contest to memorize 16 verses from the newly published Gospel of Mark.

The team carefully laminated the verses of Scripture and distributed the copies among churches. They set a date for the competition. Then, they waited.

The day of the contest, the weather was perfect, and seemed to set the tone for the event.

“To our joy … the people’s response was quite positive!” George said. “Even the non-readers could recite most of the verses easily!”

The enthusiasm of the contestants reassured the translators they were on the right track.

“Our greatest desire is for God’s Word to take its rightful place in each Rutara believer’s heart,” George said. “Our God, who called us into His holy work, is faithful in guiding us in our endeavors!”

Learn more about the Rutara project at OneVerse.org.


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