Free Bible App Helps Great Commission

Okay, THIS is so cool! Check out this press release about new Bible apps for smart phones — an audio Bible available in 8 different languages!

Free Bible App Emerging as Potent Partner in Fulfilling Great Commission. Joining English, Spanish, Arabic – now functions in Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), the world’s largest Audio Bible ministry, is again announcing an update to – their free Audio Bible app released in July 2010. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, the app has been downloaded over 2 million times in less than 10 months. Today, the ministry is spotlighting five new languages in which the app will now operate. Already functional in English, Spanish and Arabic, now works in Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

The current additions are the next step toward ‘localizing’ the app into the 20 most widely spoken languages on the planet. Regardless of the language used to navigate the app, everyone will have access to the entire collection of Scripture – which currently stands at over 300 versions across more than 210 languages.

The growth of reflects a further expansion of the ministry’s overall technology program called the Digital Bible Project. Across all platforms – streaming, downloads, podcasts and the app – the Digital Bible Project represents the single largest resource of Audio Bibles and texts.

“Being able to combine this technology with the Audio Bibles we have available is God’s perfect timing,” says Troy Carl, FCBH’s national director. “There are 5.3 billion cell phone subscribers, 2 billion Internet users and over 600 million members on social networks. Our current audio recordings represent languages spoken by more than 5 billion people across the globe. You don’t need to do the math to realize we’re talking about the potential for a major impact for those doing Great Commission work.”

Faith Comes By Hearing is committed to continuing to update the app until every language recording they have in their inventory is available, with the accompanying text. That number right now stands at 553. The ministry’s goal is to complete Audio Scripture recordings in 2,000 languages by 2016.

“Everything is in place for this to happen,” reports Jerry Jackson, FCBH founder and president. “As our Wycliffe and national Bible Society partners complete their translations, we can quickly record them and make them accessible on all our platforms. It really just comes down to having the funds to get the work done and we are trusting God’s people will respond to His call.”


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