Duggar Family Teams Up With The Seed Company!

Exciting announcement from The Seed Company and the Duggar family, best known for their TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting — the two fantastic groups are teaming up to further share about TSC’s KidsDiscover program, which teaches Bible stories to children and families.

The Duggar website will soon feature a callout to The Seed Company’s interactive and educational KidsDiscover program, part of the organization’s OneVerse ministry.

“By partnering with The Seed Company,” Jim Bob Duggar said, “we are not only providing families with the tools to grow closer to God, but we are also providing them with a way to grow closer as a family through God.” Duggar, who is the father of 19 children, said he hopes the program also can reach people in other countries. “It is our sincere hope that families utilize the KidsDiscover program … to share the gift of God’s Word with a family across the globe,” he said.

Seed Company President/CEO Roy Peterson said the partnership could help KidsDiscover reach a larger audience. “We feel extremely blessed to partner with the Duggar family in our shared mission of spreading God’s Word,” Peterson said.

For more information, see duggarfamily.com and oneverse.org/kidsdiscover.


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