Sharing God’s Word from a Cell Phone

The printer jammed, and repair was days away. The workshop in Nigeria had ended, and in just a few hours the translators were leaving for home. How discouraging that they couldn’t take printouts to share!

Then one of the translators had an idea.

“We could put the Scriptures on our cell phones,” he said. It was one of those logical ideas that are so obvious, everyone wonders why they didn’t think of it. The translators quickly downloaded their drafts to take home and show their families and friends.

Mobile technology is a powerful tool for spreading the Word. Africans today own nearly a half-billion cell phones.

In Burkina Faso, where believers are a minority, Christian music was available only on cassette tapes until recently. But few people had cassette players. Now, believers can share Christian music on cell phone memory cards to enjoy wherever they go.

For many, receiving God’s Word in their hearts … begins with saving it to their cell phones.

Story from The Seed Company newsletter.


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