Ways to Connect With Your Sponsored Project

From The Seed Company’s website:

Woo hoo! So you’ve just decided to partner with a Seed Company project. Or maybe you’ve been partnering with one for years. Either way, you may be wondering about the ways you can connect personally with the translators. After all, for most of us there’s an enormous physical distance separating us from the people serving on the front lines.

So how exactly do you connect?

Let’s start with The Seed Company’s website – where you’ll find a wealth of information on your project. I’ll use the Avatime New Testament project as an example.

Suppose I want to see at a glance the project’s needs. I go to the home page, where I click on the tab “Find A Project” and do a simple search for Avatime. On the left sidebar are two bar graphs: one showing the number of prayer partners (in this case, two, while eight are still needed) and one showing the investment opportunity (in this case, $15,662 is still needed, as of this writing). The “Pray” and “Invest” buttons near the upper left of that web page allow me to explore my options there. Easy as pie.

Now suppose I want to know the translation team’s prayer requests. On the same sidebar, I can view or download PDF reports from the team, which include news and prayer requests. (These will also arrive to you by snail mail or e-mail, if you sign up via “Pray” or “Invest”.)

From the June 2011 report, you’ll read that the team asks for prayer that “the Avatime people continue to be touched by the Word of God as the Gospel of Mark is distributed throughout the villages.”

The team also shares encouraging testimonies. Avatime team member Walter tells about a farmer who bought a trial draft of Mark. The farmer replied, “If this is the trial copy and it is so good to read, then how nice will the final copy of the Avatime New Testament be. You people have done a great work! May God encourage you all the more!”

Note: If you’re a OneVerse partner, you can follow a similar process on the OneVerse website.

Other valuable websites also tell me more about the Avatime people.

The Ethnologue shows me exactly where Avatime speakers live in Ghana, for example. I can also learn how the language is classified, if I’m so inclined.

Joshua Project tells me that less than 5% adhere to Christianity.

Operation World gives me prayer requests for the country of Ghana.

And a simple Google search shows me the Avatime people have their own website where I learned that “Worga loo!” is a common greeting in their language. There’s a photo gallery and information about upcoming festivals that give me insight into these wonderful people.

Finally, in several cases you are welcome to visit a team on the field. Send an email to info@theseedcompany.org requesting more information.

What ways have you enjoyed connecting with your sponsored project?


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