Nugunu Project in Cameroon Gains Momentum

Several of our Team OneVerse runners have raised money for the Nugunu in Cameroon due to personal connections to the project. Here’s an update on the project:

When Bofia started working on the Nugunu New Testament 30 years ago, he hoped his children would be able to receive the Word of God. The family lives in a region of Cameroon where sorcery remains common. But he had to split translation time with farm work.

Bofia and his team had 40 percent of the New Testament in first draft when The Seed Company became involved three years ago through the OneVerse ministry. Now, working full time, translators plan to finish in only three more years!

In February 2011, The Seed Company information technology team equipped the Nugunu translators with a satellite modem that enables users to connect with the Internet. A battery backup for the computer helps reduce time lost from frequent power interruptions. Now translators connect with consultants as needed, rather than waiting for monthly visits.

Other efficiencies, including digital audio players for oral learners, have helped accelerate the impact of Scripture. Since the partnership began, four books of the New Testament have already been published, with more in the works!

“I began this work so that my children could read the Word of God,” smiled Bofia. “Now, I continue working for my grandchildren!”


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