Strengthen Your Hips and Back

Oh man have my hips, specifically my left hip, been acting up lately. I know I need to do some yoga and make stretching a bigger part of my regime, but it’s so hard. Sometimes just reading about the importance of the hips and back will get me motivated for a little while and that’s been than doing nothing at all! So here; get motivated!

Lower Back
Key function:
These muscles keep the body erect and help you rotate slightly with each running step, giving your hips and thighs more energy to push you forward. A weak lower back can put extra strain on the hamstrings, which can throw off your stride and cause injuries from the ankle to the hips, says Robert Gotlin, D.O., director of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York.

Quick fix: Back extensions: Lie down, press your pelvis into the floor and lift your head, chest, shoulders, and arms. Hold for five seconds, repeat 10 times.

Shoulders/Upper Back
Key function:
Strong shoulders keep your upper body relaxed, work with the arms to propel you forward, and help you breathe efficiently.

Quick fix: A Planks: Rest on elbows and hold for 20 to 60 seconds, five to 10 times. B Side Planks: Balance on forearm, hold 20 to 60 seconds, five times each side.

Key function
The hips help drive us forward and stabilize our landing while preventing excess side-to-side motion that could strain the back and cause leg injuries.

Quick fix A Leg lifts: Lift your top leg up, lower, repeat 12 to 15 times each leg.

B Kneeling hip-flexor stretch: Lunge, keep upper body straight, front knee behind toes, and push hips forward. Hold 30 seconds each side.

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