Translation Work Brings Denominations Healing

When the Me’en New Testament translation in Ethiopia was 46 percent complete, logistical complications stalled it. Then, a rift between the area’s two denominations clouded the project’s future. Despite the obstacles, several church leaders requested a meeting with Bible translators in an effort to restart the translation.

Both denominations agreed on the importance of finishing the translation work — God’s work. As each selected translation team members to work on the project together, they began the process of healing and reconciliation. Now both denominations, along with SIL Ethiopia, The Word for the World, Great Commission Ethiopia and The Seed Company, are project partners.

Birhanu, a translator, said he’d read the book of Revelation in Amharic years ago when he, like many others, was imprisoned by the former Communist regime for his Christian faith.

“Revelation gave me hope and strength to endure,” he said. But most Me’en can’t read Amharic. “I look forward to the day when everyone will have no problems hearing and reading Revelation and the other books of the Bible in the Me’en language,” Birhanu said.


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