Praying Wife Sees Transformation

Nesrah didn’t marry a scoundrel, but Saman had turned into one.* Her bootlegging husband was drunk much of the time, and now promoted a radical South Asian sect opposed to her new Christian faith. Nesrah couldn’t turn to either set of parents for help. Both their fathers were shamans.

So Nesrah prayed. The next time Saman came home drunk and began to argue, she remained calm. She continued to do so. Finally one day he asked why she acted so differently. She told him about the peace Jesus gave her. When he sobered up, she suggested that he go to a Christian rehab facility … and he agreed to go!

Each day during his treatment Saman listened to Scripture. God’s Word gripped his heart as he heard, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household” (Acts 16:31, NLT). As Saman embraced these words, God transformed his life.

Later when a Bible translation project began for his Ula mother tongue, a local pastor recommended Saman for training as a translator. Today, Saman shares God’s life-changing Word with his people.

*Because of project sensitivity, the names used are pseudonyms.

Source: The Seed Company e-newsletter


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