Deaf Believers Find Hope in Scripture

Ambika winced at her bruised, swollen face in the mirror, remembering the beating her very strict father had given her the night before. She’d angered him by refusing to wear the jewelry and other symbols that mark women of his faith in the prevailing religion of her South Asian country.

“Jesus, whom I’ve decided to follow, went through a great deal of suffering,” she thought. “My deaf brothers and sisters in Christ also suffer with me.”

Few deaf people in Ambika’s homeland have educational opportunities, career options or independent incomes. But now, Deaf Opportunity OutReach has partnered with The Seed Company to bring God’s Word to Ambika and her friends. Signing her language, translators have put the Scriptures into narrative format on DVDs, which are easily accessible and understandable to deaf believers.

Ambika is resolute in her faith, trusting Christ despite persecution, and depending on other believers to help make Scripture available in her language. Imagine her signing “thank you” with a big smile on her face. Learn more about DOOR at


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