Freddy’s Favorite Book

Freddy brought his wife from another region of the country to Boma City for medical treatment. While she is in the hospital, Freddy stays with his niece, Olce.

One day Freddy was looking for something to read, and found the Boma Gospel of Luke on Olce’s bookshelf. Now, he keeps the book with him, wherever he goes.

“He reads it every morning before breakfast,” Olce said. “And he reads it to his wife [in the hospital], too … He doesn’t just read a verse or two — he reads chapter after chapter. He reads the miracles of Jesus healing people,” she said. “When he can’t sleep, he sits and reads until morning.”

Freddy is so happy he found the Gospel in his language on his niece’s shelf.

“This is what I really love,” he said, “because I can clearly understand God’s Word!” Freddy has also shown the book to other people at the hospital and encouraged them to get their own copies.

Freddy’s enthusiasm has inspired the Boma translators. Now they’re eager to get additional copies printed so that people in remote regions, like the one where Freddy lives, can have copies.



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