Zephaniah, Jonah, and the Whale

Zephaniah squinted, following every word as the church group studied the story of Jonah in Pokomo, his East African language. He thought of the neighboring Orma people, from whom many bandits have come to attack and rob his people. He despised them. Surely God didn’t love them either.

But as he and other church members studied Chapter 4, Zephaniah sensed the Holy Spirit, and the light came on. Like Jonah, he’d only desired God’s punishment of his enemies. The study changed his perspective.

“It’s high time we share the Gospel with our neighbors so that they too, can learn about God’s love,” he said. “Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll repent and God will forgive them! Then we’ll all be able to live peacefully.”

Zephaniah’s testimony spread. Translator Edward was blessed when he heard Zephaniah’s story, and commented, “Oh God, let your Word keep transforming lives!”

Source: oneverse.org


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