East African Student Leader Prays for Wisdom

After the recent Pokomo reviewers’ workshop, translator Edward’s 15-year-old daughter, Hajila, found a copy of the 1 Kings draft he’d left at home. She picked it up and started reading.

She didn’t understand 1 King 3:12. Her mom explained that it meant, “I will give you wisdom and good understanding.” Hajila’s eyes gleamed as she told her mother she’d like to share from that verse during the family’s evening devotions.

Edward altered his normal devotional routine to let Hajila lead. At the end, she exclaimed, “I would like to pray to God to give me this wisdom and good understanding like King Solomon.” The she broke the day’s good news: “Because today I was chosen the leader of my class!” The family rejoiced and congratulated Hajila on this opportunity.

The next morning, her mother found the Scripture passage hanging on Hajila’s bedroom wall next to her study table. Consider Hajila’s influence as a teenaged Christian leader among her peers! God’s Word in the mother tongue could impact an entire generation.

from The Seed Company newsletter


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