No Christians Allowed

“Don’t even walk by my house, Christian!”* Matiah shouted whenever a believer passed in front of her house. A shrine to local South Asian deities in Matiah’s courtyard left no doubt to whom she paid homage.

But despite her intense devotion to these gods, Matiah found she was helpless when her daughter-in-law became gravely ill. As the younger woman’s health deteriorated, Matiah became desperate. One day the Christian pastor came to her home and offered to pray for her daughter-in-law. Though Matiah was skeptical, she invited him into her home.

Miraculously, the girl recovered! The next day, Matiah tore down the shrine and tossed out her idols. She and her family are now Christ followers.

A Seed Company partner reports that Matiah’s story is just one of many transformations occurring in this region as local communities receive Scripture translated into their languages.

*Because of the sensitivity of this area, the name used is a pseudonym.

from The Seed Company newsletter


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