Knuckle Lights for Night Running

A couple days ago I mentioned the importance of having a light when running at night. I also just discovered Knuckle Lights! Yes, you wear them on your knuckles so when you run, cars can see you and you can see the ridge on the sidewalk so you don’t face plant! Their website describes them: “Knuckle Lights are worn in a perfect position to light your path and be seen by traffic during your next run in the dark.  The extra-wide flood beams provide super-bright illumination to light up the entire area in front of you.”

Sounds perfect! While their website is on back order, you may be able to find them at a local running store. (The store where I work sells them.)

Their website also address a very important question:
Since your arms are moving while running, don’t the beams of light bounce around on the ground?

Answer: “No! Knuckle Lights™ were designed with WIDE flood beams, so they put out a broad light in all directions, giving off a bright, even light.  Compare this to most flashlights and headlamps that emit a SPOT beam, where you actually see a dot of light bouncing around on the ground in front of you with every step.  You don’t get that with Knuckle Lights; you get a smooth, even level of light that moves with the natural motion of your arms.”


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