What the Rutara Written Language Looks Like

In the most recent update from the Rutara translation team, they shared the draft translation of Hebrews 1:1-4 in the Rutara language. It was amazing to see what the Bible will look like to the people in this area of Asia. Although the location of the people has to remain secret, seeing their language helped me understand who they are and perhaps more of where they live. It brought the people to life for me in a way I hadn’t had before.

Check it out:

And here is the same passage translated back into English by the
team for review by the consultant:
“In the olden days, God spoke through his gifted people (prophets)
to our (incl.) ancestors little by little at many times in many ways, but
now in these last days has spoken to us (incl.) through his Son, whom
he appointed as heir of all things, and (also) through whom he made
the whole world; This Son is the reflection of God’s light/glory and He
is exactly like God and He runs (makes to function) all the things of
the Universe by his powerful word. Having washed (cleansed) people’s
sin’s guilt, he sat at the important seat (space) at the right hand of God
in heaven (to rule). Just as he, by inheritance, obtained the special
name than the name of the angels, like that he has become very
special than them” (Hebrews 1:1-4, Rutara back translation).

So cool!


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