What Do You Wish You Knew About Running Before You Started? Readers Respond

A lot of people are ready to make 2012 the year they start running or walking, so I asked a few of my running friends what they wish they’d known about running before they started. They shared some fantastic advice that I wholeheartedly back up!

  • It’s much easier to train for something (like a race) than to just train for no reason.
  • “Keep going!” is much more motivating than “Don’t stop!” 
  • The hardest part is getting out the door. Once you’re halfway down the street there’s no turning back. As tired as you think you are, just get out the door and you’ll be fine. When you start running, you forget about all the reasons you can’t get started (you already have), and focus on how long you have until you’re done. Get your shoes on. Get out the door. 
  • Cotton is Rotten
  • It is okay to have a bad run…the next one is always better
  • Don’t worry about getting the coolest gear or the right technical stuff – just worry about your form. Once you get that down you will look more like a elite runner than those who blow hundreds of dollars on gear.
  • If anything hurts, it is probably caused by shoes, so go to a running store for shoes.
  • Know the proper etiquette of running: run against traffic, don’t spit when someone is behind you, do not have change in your pocket when running with someone because the rattling is awful, etc.
  • Set goals for yourself and always look ahead for your next one.
  • Running hills isn’t something you just do as part of training, but you do it to build those different muscles that aren’t built by running on flat surfaces.
  • The training determines how I get from start to finish. Finishing is a given; I know I’ll finish.
  • Running a long loop is way better than running out to a point then retracing your steps.

Now get out there and run!


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