What Has Running Taught You? Readers Respond!

I asked several of my running friends what running has taught them. They responded with some great lessons that work for running and life! Thanks so much, friends!

  • How I feel at the beginning of a run (good or bad, but typically bad) does not necessarily equal how I feel at the end of a run. I’m not talking about the supposed “runner’s high” or anything, because it’s the same across the board for ANYTHING you do–you could start out feeling horrible but then be surprised at the end if you just persist (if only because you persisted). 
  • It is always worth it to have a plan and stick to it. 
  • You can always go farther than you think you can. When I first started running, I never ran more than 3 miles. It was way too hard. Impossible. Then I signed up for a 10k and had to, and I was able to do it (without dying!). Then I did a half-marathon, then a marathon. They all seemed really out of reach when I was looking at my tiny little 3 miles runs, but if you go a little farther than you think you can consistently, over time you’ll be able to do things you never thought you could do before.
  • I have more motivation when I run for a cause. Eventually I started praying for the Rutara and all things/people associated with the translation – that helped me keep going.
  • Training for my first half marathon taught me what it looked like to train for a goal. My goal was not to complete each day’s training; my goal was to finish the race and each day of training was necessary to get there. It wasn’t like if I missed a day I could just say, “Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow.” It’s like the difference in softening butter when you make cookies. You can either be patient and, planning ahead, set out the butter and wait for it to warm to room temp. Or you can throw it in the microwave. The latter shortcut affects your cookies. You’ll get cookies either way, but they’ll be much better if you go the patient route!

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