Resolve to Run Outside ::: What to Wear part 3

Last winter wonderland post! I actually own much of this Nike women’s outfit and the blue jacket is fantastic! Yes, it was expensive ($105), but if you live in the Midwest or North, the Shield jacket is amazing because it’s windproof. It is the warmest running jacket I own. Last year I wore it when it was 18 degrees with a windchill that took it down to the single digits. I had an Under Armor tight shirt underneath and was perfectly warm! Even my hands were warm thanks to the sleeves that can fold over your fingers. The only thing cold were my ears! Apparently, I need to find a wind resistant hat now! The jacket is warm enough you could wear short sleeves under it. Can you tell I like it? Plus, it’s pretty! And guys, the men’s version is pictured here for you!

nike mens and womens winter


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