2012 Fun Runs: The Color Run

Looking to mix it up with your runs this season? Or just need some new motivation? I have two fanTAStic options for you! Ready for this? Today: The Color Run — white tshirts blasted with color by the end of the race.

And tomorrow? Well, here’s a teaser — it involves running from zombies!

The Color Run is a 5k where every runner starts with a white shirt and is blasted with different colors each kilometer of the race. By the end, it’s a cacophony of color! The race looks like a ton of fun and I’m bummed there isn’t one in Indianapolis. Looks like I’ll be road-tripping to Nashville or Kansas City to visit some friends!

Check out the video to see the run!

Tomorrow? Get ready to run for your life!


2 responses to “2012 Fun Runs: The Color Run

  1. Allison, I saw this in Runner’s World I think and added a bookmark to my browser to remind me that there is one in Nashville in October! Want to come down and race it with me???

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