2012 Fun Runs: Run For Your Lives

For the really hardcore runner, the person looking for the quirky, the odd, the uncommon, the next challenge, for the runner tired of competing against the living, well you have no other choice than to compete against the dead! You better sign up for the Run For Your Lives 5k Obstacle Course Zombie Race!

This race IS coming to Indianapolis and looks hilariously amazing so maybe I’ll have to give it a try! Think Muddy Buddy meets flag football meets zombies and you’ll know about what to expect. Competitors get flag belts, then work through a 5k course full of obstacle like mud, hay bales, tubes, a pool of “blood,” and of course zombies who are trying to steal your life. Okay, steal your flags! Everyone gets to finish with a medal, but if you make it to the end with at least one flag left you could earn yourself a little more!

Check out the video to see if it sounds like a fit!


One response to “2012 Fun Runs: Run For Your Lives

  1. I’m being a Zombie at the one in Baltimore!
    And I’m also running Hero Rush this year! Make sure to check it out

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