Quiz: What Kind of Runner Are You?

Repost from Active.com by Fara Rosenzweig

Of course everyone runs for various reasons. Maybe you want to fit into your skinny jeans, lose baby fat, seek a new adventure or PR at your next race. No matter if you’re a marathon diva or mommy stroller; find out what kind of runner you are and determine the best race that fits your personality. What kind of runner are you?

1) What’s your pre-run routine?
A) Sip on coffee, take care of the kids and chat on the phone.
B) Take a shower, put on make-up and blow dry your hair. Hey you never know who you might “run” into.
C) Make a protein shake or light meal.
D) Throw your hair into a ponytail, put on a little deodorant and head out the door.
E) Pack your Patagonia backpack full of granola and gear.

2) What do you typically wear?
A) Same thing over and over. Who has time to worry about that?
B) Clothes that are five years old and torn
C) Trendy and brand name only
D) The latest and greatest running tech gear
E) Patagonia or North Face all the way

3) Who do you run with?
A) Running partner or group
B) Your dog
C) Solo
D) Changes all the time, don’t really care
E) The earth below your feet

4) Where do you run?
A) Community
B) Beach
C) Treadmill
D) Don’t care—as long as I get miles in, I am happy.
E) Trails

5) What do you eat or drink after a run?
A) Don’t care; you just need something light to eat. Maybe you snack on bread or fruit.
B) Beer
C) Chocolate milk
D) Recovery drink or bar
E) Organic green smoothie

6) How many miles do you log per run?
A) 1 to 3
B) 4 to 6
C) 7 to 9
D) 10 +
E) Don’t know, don’t care

A = 1 point
B = 2 points
C = 3 points
D = 4 points
E = 5 points

Running Personalities
5 to 10 points: The Stroller
11 to 15 points: The Casual Runner
16 to 20 points: The Fitness Runner
21 to 25 points:  The Competitive Runner
26 to 30 points: The Trail Runner

Total your points together and see what type of runner you are with the chart.

Running Personalities:
The Stroller
Let’s face it, being a mom is hard. Not only do you have to take care of yourself, but you have your family to worry about. Between kids and work, there is very little social time. You find running in a group setting helps you to reach your fitness goal. You get to use this time to chit-chat with other women, be with your little ones, and get a good workout in.

The Casual Runner
You know a good diet and exercise are key ingredients to a healthy life. Maybe running is not your thing, but you go out every once in a while to burn some calories. Or you head out just to clear your head and de-stress from a long day at work. You enjoy running with a friend, dog or by yourself. And sometimes to feel like a runner you’d rather look the part—did you score a sweet deal on the new lululemon jacket? What about the new Asics running shoes? Overall, you’re not running for time and distance, just to better your health and de-stress.

The Fitness Runner
You live and breathe fitness. You eat right and incorporate all sorts of fitness workouts into your routine. You run a few miles at a time a few days a week to boost your cardiovascular endurance and to help get that sexy core. You know all the latest fitness brands and love wearing the latest Nike pants or lululemon top. Bikini season is year round in your books, so you stay on top of your fitness regimen.

The Competitive Runner
You live and breathe running. You don’t care where you run or what you wear. As long as you have your running gear, you are set. You’re always looking for the next race opportunity. If you run with a group or partner, it’s to maintain or pick up your pace. Everything you do is to improve your running. You know what recovery fuel you need to perform your best.

The Trail Runner
You love the outdoors and adventure. Any trail you have access to you will check out. A weekend of fun to you is to pack your Patagonia backpack full of organic fuel, throw on your favorite North Face gear and hit the dirt path. You love surrounding yourself with nature, it’s calming and scenic. You can spend all day on the trails, or even make a camping trip out of it.


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