T1V Runners Set New PRs! Congrats Pat and Latisha!

Over the past two weeks, Latisha and Pat both completed their second race for Team OneVerse! These two have been amazing champions for Bible translation and jumped on board the team from the start. Also exciting, they both set new personal records at their races! Here are their updates:

Pat ran the Cowtown Marathon and says, “So thankful for many things coming together to equal a really wonderful race…
…was able to prepare properly (Higdon’s training program) without any injuries.
…the course in Fort Worth was beautiful and well organized (great aid stations and course layout and pace groups, etc.).
…the weather was really perfect (huge answer to prayer).
…and I’m really glad I choose to stay on the hip of a good pacer (Zach – 3:45; I stayed with him at the 8:35 mile pace until mile 21 when I hit the wall, then he lost me, but I still finished only 5 minutes behind him, and made my goal of running a sub-4 26.2!!! = 3:50 was a PR for me by 25 minutes! Yay!).
…but most importantly, we’ve exceeded our goal and have raised $1716 to help translate 66 verses for the Nugunu Language Project in Cameroon!!!

I know we couldn’t have done this without ‘a huge crowd of witnesses’ (Hebrews 12:1), encouraging, praying, supporting, and cheering us on! Thanks God!!!”

Latisha shares, “Hey! I ran the Woodlands half and it was a perfect day for running! I don’t know if you saw, but I shaved 14 minutes off of my best time, so I was stoked! Overall, it was a great race!” Since joining T1V, Latisha has raised enough money to translate 73 verses into the Rutara language! Praise the Lord!

Thanks SO much Latisha and Pat for your time, energy, and dedication to translating God’s word! Motivated to join T1V? You should be! Spring is a great time to run or walk, so find a race and join up!


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