When the Gospel is “Stolen”

Check out this message from the President of The Seed Company as shared in a recent OneVerse newsletter:

Good news! God’s Word is being “stolen” in areas of Sierra Leone, northwest Africa, where Christians are a small minority. In fact, so many Proclaimers — digital audio players dedicated to broadcasting Scripture to crowds of up to 300* — have “disappeared,” that pastors have assigned people to guard them.

Recently, when a ministry team member visited a village, he heard Scripture playing at high volume. He followed the sound to a place of worship for the majority religion and found a Proclaimer. He asked the religious leader how he’d gotten the equipment and why he was playing it.

“I took it,” the man admitted. He said the “scripture” of the dominant religion didn’t affect people. “It has been in the village for 100 years and we don’t understand what it says,” the religious leader told him. “But in these two months of listening to God’s Word, our village is being transformed.”

People are hungry for God. Their hearts are drawn to the Truth. It’s exciting to watch Scripture come alive for people as they hear God’s Word in their heart language for the very first time. Thank you for helping make this possible as we race to bring God’s Word to every language in this generation.

*Our ministry partner, Faith Comes By Hearing, records translated Scripture onto the Proclaimers, for sharing the Scripture in oral cultures. We are so thankful for our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing.


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