Uncover Your Bible

American Bible Society recently shared recent research from the Barna Group that “only 20% of U.S. adults include the Bible in their daily lives and another 18% read it several times a week. Even self-proclaimed daily engagers admit that they don’t believe they have a firm grasp of what’s inside the covers, and even more importantly, what God intends for them.”

It’s pretty convicting that there are Christians around the world demanding a copy of the Bible in their own language and here we have multiple copies of the Bible freely accessible to us and American Christians aren’t even reading it. Seven hundred years ago, Englishmen were dying in order to provide people with God’s word in their own language. Now we (myself included) let it sit on the nightstand. It has a nice prominent place in my room decor, but not in my heart.

American Bible Society is calling for a revival, offering a solution: commit to uncovering your Bible. Open it up. Read it. Talk to others about what you’ve read. That will encourage them to read it too. Remember how many Christians both today and throughout history have longed for God’s word and take advantage of the opportunity you have to read it every day!


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