5 Myths of Marathon Training

Great article from active.com with 5 misconceptions about marathon training. These 5 myths are right on! If you want to read the entire article, click here, but below is my Reader’s Digest version!

1. “You must run all the time.” When I’ve trained for marathons, I only ran 3 days a week. Your long runs do get long, but not that long until the end of the training. My longest mid-week run was 10 miles and I did that once towards the end of my training, so it isn’t as much as you’d think.

2. “You must lose a lot of weight.” I actually gained weight from muscles building and carb loading!

3. “You must be really fast if you can run that far.” Definitely not true! My fastest marathon I’m really proud of, but it was still an average 9:45 pace.

4. “If you run that far, you must get injured often.” Aside from an occasional IT band issue, I’ve been injury free through running.

5. “You must not spend very much time with your family.” As a single person, this isn’t really an issue for me, but if you only run 3 days a week, it doesn’t have to be as invasive for your family as you might think. A long run on Saturday can be difficult with kids, but if your spouse is supportive, you can definitely make it happen!


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