Summer Running

It’s been hot. Let’s leave it at that. Oh, and dry. So it feels like you’re running in a very flammable world! Running in the summer is pretty rough, but it can be manageable. Here’s how I’ve made the most of my summer running and the lies, I mean logic, I feed myself when I’m trying to get out of bed in the early morning.

1. Run early — That’s a no brainer. It may not be any less humid, but at least it’s not as hot and the sun’s not as strong.

2. Hydrate Before — I was reading in Running Times that to properly hydrate, you need to have something to drink at least 20 minutes before you run because that’s how long it takes to absorb into your system. You should also drink about every 20 minutes, but let’s be honest. I don’t do this. I should, but I don’t.

3. Hydrate After — More than hydrating before, for me, hydrating after a run is really important or I end up with a bad headache. My favorite solution is to drop a Nuun tablet (Strawberry Lemonade is my fav!) into a water bottle and stick it in the freezer before I leave the house. When I come back, it’s ready to drink and wonderfully cold!

4. Run Trails — I’ve done this several times and it’s so much cooler in the shade! Plus, since it’s hilly, you can use that as an excuse for running slow!

5. Run with a Friend — This keeps me accountable to getting out there. Plus, if you combine it with running trails, it’s also safer.

6. Summer Preps You for Fall — In the same Running Times article, it mentioned that as your body gets more efficient at cooling itself in the summer, it actually strengthens your runs when the temperature finally drops. So that means a tough summer with consistent running will prepare you really well for a fall full or half marathon!

7. Forget Speed — Don’t worry too much about pace. Just get yourself moving and consistent with the miles and trust that your body will use the exercise to keep you in shape until speed can become a factor. Like in October when it’s 55 degrees out again!

Happy Summer Running!


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