Too Stupid to Know Better

“Sometimes you get to a point in your race where you’re too stupid to know any better that you don’t belong there, and you can do something pretty amazing.” – Jim Spivey, former US Olympic runner

I really liked this quote from Spivey inRunning Times’ July issue. Not only did it make me think about running and how it’s okay to push yourself, maybe take some risks, and see what happens, it also made me think about life. Usually when you’re young (I’ll count myself in this category), you have great ideas but not a lot of experience. That naivete can sometimes lead to a person doing amazing things in life! As age comes (I’m almost 30 so in some ways I can also appreciate this category), experience says, “Don’t even try; it’ll never happen.” And you end up never attempting, never failing, and never succeeding.

It’s made me think, why not try something new personally, professionally, athletically? I may be too stupid to know any better, but maybe I’ll end up doing something amazing! Here’s hoping!



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