Interested in Missions?

I have a friend who can be really into any cause, given the right circumstances. I once heard her say, “Yeah, I’m really passionate about stopping human trafficking.” Yet I never once saw her read about it, watch a documentary about it, volunteer at any events, raise any money, or really do anything other than once say she was passionate about the cause.

Many people say the same about missions. I’ve been talking about being passionate about Bible translation and God’s word being sent out to the entire world. But am I really doing my best? Is this all I can do? God is convicting me about what my “best efforts” really are, and I’m not looking too good.

Once again, Amy Carmichael’s biography A Chance to Die has me more than a little uncomfortable. She writes, “Missionary work is a grain of sand, the work untouched is a pyramid…Face it. Look and listen, alone with God. Then go, let go, help go. But never, never, never think that anything short of this is being ‘interested in missions.’ Never, until this point is reached and passed, delude yourself into believing that you care at all.” (emphasis mine)

Good grief, Amy! Let up on us a little bit. But to Amy, there could be no other call in life, no other work, than to see God’s word and the life of Christ brought to those in darkness. Never think that anything other than going and helping others go qualifies. But first, get alone with God and see where he takes you.

Another way I need to be transformed.


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