Latisha Goes for a T1V 3-peat!

In very exciting news, T1V has its first marathon meet-up in San Diego on June 2nd as former T1V runner Latisha and I are going to be running the San Diego Marathon together! The coolest part about this to me is that she and I haven’t even met in person! We became friends because of our shared passion for running to fund Bible translation. Latisha suggested last year that we find a 2013 marathon to do together and San Diego fit our schedules best. I’m pumped to meet-up and run!

Here’s what Latisha has to say about it:
“So why am I running my 3rd race with Team OneVerse? I think that it’s important that everyone has a Bible in their own language. It’s so difficult for me to imagine not even hearing about Jesus, but there are so many people out there who never even hear His name or they don’t hear about Him until they are older. I just want to be a part of something that is making a difference in people’s lives and bringing them Hope, so that they can go out and spread the Word too!!

“Why am I willing to meet a “stranger” in Cali for 26.2? It’s weird, because I know that you and I have never met yet you have helped me A LOT… I don’t feel like I’m meeting a “stranger.” I just know that I’m meeting a Sister. As far as the 26.2 in Cali… go big or go home! I like adventures, so why not make it a big one?”

I couldn’t have said it better! Meeting up with Latisha, a sister in Christ who has the same eagerness for the Bible, will be epic and I’m really excited to run the San Diego Marathon together!


One response to “Latisha Goes for a T1V 3-peat!

  1. Wow, that’s awesome, Allison! Great news that you will both be running in June!

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