“If Jesus comes to live inside my heart, will I explode?”

kisses-from-katie1I just finished reading Kisses from Katie written by 22-year-old Katie Davis, missionary to Uganda. This girl from Tennessee who fell in love with Uganda over Christmas break her senior year in high school would probably not call herself a missionary. She wants to live in Uganda with her 13 adopted daughters for the rest of her life. It’s more like she’s a Christian living in Uganda than she’s a missionary there.

Her story was humbling, real, inspiring, and attainable. One of my favorite parts was when she shared the many questions her daughters ask. One said, “Mommy, if Jesus comes to live inside my heart, will I explode?”

Katie writes, “‘No!’ I proclaimed as the children and I headed to the Nile River for a few of them to be baptized that day. Then I thought about the question a bit more. ‘Yes, if Jesus comes to live in your heart, you will explode.’ That is exactly what we should do if Jesus comes to live inside our hearts. We will explode with love, with compassion, with hurt for those who are hurting, and with joy for those who rejoice. We will explode with a desire to be more, to be better, to be close to the One who made us.”

Part of being transformed is this explosion! So yes, ask Jesus in your heart, but be ready for it to blow up all of your plans.

Read more from Katie on her blog or watch the video intro to her book.


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